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What are they?
execuBooks are the simple, smart way for busy executives to quickly and easily stay abreast of the knowledge they need to succeed: 15-minute summaries of great business books published and delivered new via email every week.

Who are they for?
If you are a business professional with little time who believes that knowledge is crucial to growing competitive advantage, then execuBooks are for you!

How do they work?
Professional writers and editors review, select and summarize the best business books for your organization’s interests into 15-minute summaries your people can experience in any media you wish.

How much do they cost?
How much do they cost? We create and provide customized corporate solutions, the costs for which vary according to each organization’s needs and interests. To explore options for your organization, contact us.

Why should I use them?
execuBooks are the easy read to succeed, providing great ideas quickly, in flexible frequencies and media formats. Incorporating them into an enterprise capability building solution facilitates an easy return on investment – better value than almost any other capability building alternative.

Where do I get them?
We custom create corporate solutions. To explore options for your organization, contact us.

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