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The Finance Crisis and Rescue   (EB429)
What Went Wrong? Why? What Lessons Can Be Learned? Expert Views from the Rotman School of Management
By Peter Dungan et al.
How serious will the current financial crisis prove to be?

The impact of the crisis on the real economy in North America will in no way be the apocalyptic catastrophe that some commentators have portrayed. We're in for several unpleasant quarters, but the impact should be milder than the last two serious recessions.

In this execuBook, authors Peter Dungan and other experts at the Rotman School of Management describe five key points to consider about the interaction between the real and financial economies, and why the real economy will not be affected as dramatically as is often suggested.

This summary looks at the reality of North America's current financial situation. It will be of interest to anyone who is concerned about our economic future.

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